Rezeptideen für Eiskaffee im Büro

5 recipe ideas for your iced coffee

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In the following days we need to cool down – summer is coming! That’s why, in addition to the lake and outdoor pool, we recommend delicious iced coffee on hot days. We have 5 delicious recipe suggestions for you: Cold, refreshing and easy to make at home!

The classic - iced coffee with vanilla ice cream

Refreshing, sweet and so creamy: Iced coffee is just perfect on hot summer days. For this we have prepared a Cold Brew concentrate. If you don’t have time to wait 10 hours for the result, then the quick version also works: Simply brew coffee fresh and let it cool.

You’ll need:

  • Cold Brew oder coffee, we use our Karibu coffee
  • Vanilla ice cream or your favourite ice cream

Here’s how:

Brew coffee with a maker of your choice and add one to two scoops of ice cream into a glass. Pour the coffee over the ice cream and serve immediately. The vanilla ice cream in the coffee provides a subtle sweetness and makes the coffee wonderfully creamy. This combination is simply fantastic!

Eiskaffee aufpimpen

Coffee ice cubes

This iced coffee trick is so easy, there’s no excuse not to try it! Clever and definitely an eye-catcher. If you like to top off your beloved coffee flavor, you can make your own coffee flavored ice cubes. Tipp: Yirga Santos Espresso smells like a chocolate bar as ice cubes.

You'll need:

  • Freshly cooled filter coffee or espresso
  • Ice cube mold
  • Hazelnut drink or almond drink (oder eine andere milk alternative/-alternative of your choice)

Here's how:

Prepare your coffee or espresso as usual and then let it cool down a bit. Pour this into the ice cube mold and let the mold sit in the freezer overnight. Pour the solid ice cubes into a glass for double the coffee experience and top with a little milk. Ready to enjoy!

Rezeptideen für Eiskaffee im Büro

Vanilla flavored ice cubes

Eiskaffee aufpimpen

If you like it a little more daring, prepare the ice cubes with vanilla instead of coffee. Our ice cubes are made of coconut milk, sugar and vanilla. When the ice melts, the ice cubes give the coffee a nice creaminess and a touch of sweetness.

You'll need:

  • 400 ml coconut milk or your favorite milk
  • 1 – 2 vanilla pods
  • 50 – 70 g sugar (or sugar syrup)
  • Cold brew or cooled filter coffee, like the Sierra Nevada

Here's how:

Scrape out the vanilla pods and mix with the sugar and coconut milk. Put the milk mix in an ice cube mold and leave it in the freezer overnight. Fill the glass with the solid ice cubes and pour in the coffee. Sit back and enjoy! And if you’re too impatient to wait for them to melt in the glass, you can just eat them like ice cream.

Vietnamese style iced coffee

Eiskaffee aufpimpen

Drinking coffee is something like the national hobby of the Vietnamese. No wonder, since Vietnam grows coffee of excellent quality. Most Vietnamese prefer their „cafe sua da“ in a large glass with ice cubes and condensed milk.

You'll need:

  • Cold Brew coffee
  • Alternative: cooled filter coffee
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons sweet condensed milk
  • Ice cubes

Here's how:

Place the ice cubes in a large glass and first add the cold brew or cooled filter coffee and then carefully add the sweet condensed milk. Depending on how you prefer to enjoy your iced coffee, you can either add more or less condensed milk. Let yourself be surprised by the taste but beware: addictive! And if you’re ever in Vietnam and looking for cafes in Hanoi, here are some tips for you.

Cold Brew is not extracted with hot water but with cold water over several hours. In summer, we pimp our Cold Brew with fruit juices, e.g. grapefruit juice in a ratio of 1:1. The result is refreshingly tangy and the best on hot summer days. Give it a try!

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Rezeptideen für maximalen Cold Brew Genuss

Coffee with ice and milk

If you are not a fan of ice cream, you can simply take ice cubes instead of ice cream. It’s less sweet, but just as tasty and refreshing!

You'll need:

  • Cold Brew or cooled full-bodied filter coffee
  • Whole milk
  • Ice cubes

Here's how:

Fill a large glass with ice, pour the cold coffee over the ice and add the milk. Et voilà – it couldn’t be easier!

Eiskaffee aufpimpen

Coffee recommendations for the preparation of iced coffee

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Good to know:

Rinse your filter paper with hot water as usual to remove the slight inherent taste of the paper and pour the water away. Then add 300 g of ice cubes to the carafe and replace the filter.

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