Espresso Jhai - Robusta

The Jhai Robusta is our favorite 100 % Robusta espresso. Jhai is a strong and yet very balanced espresso. Its strong character is surprisingly complex and reminds us of marzipan and liquorice. The espresso rounds off with a nice spiciness.

TasteLiquorice, Marzipan
Sort100 % Canephora, Limited Edition, Single Origin

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Jhai Espresso tampen

Jhai is back - as 100 % Robusta

Aromas of marzipan and sweet wood

The Jhai Espresso is not only our first Robusta Espresso, but also one of the first high quality Robusta coffees grown in Laos.

The Jhai comes from our friend Jing Jhai Coffee Cooperative (JJCC) from the Bolaven Plateau in Laos. It is a strong yet well-balanced Robusta Espresso, which despite its strong character brings with it an exciting versatility. It reminds us of the sweetness of marzipan and liquorice and hides a nice spiciness in the aftertaste.

If you are looking for an extraordinary fine Robusta or if you like strong espressos, you will love the Jhai.

Zubereitungsanleitung Espresso: Schritt 6

Preparation tips

The Jhai Robusta is ideal for preparing pure espresso or as a base for milk drinks. As a cappuccino a nice caramel note comes to the fore. We recommend a brewing ratio of approx. 1 : 2.5 – 3 as a starting point, which means that 16 g of espresso powder should make approx. 40 to 50 ml of espresso.

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We roast your coffee fresh every week

The Jhai Robusta Espresso is medium to strong roasted („full city roast“), up to the point where the complex aromas of the coffee are well balanced with the slightly roasted, tobacco-like notes.

Further information: On our Probat roasting machine we roast the Jhai Espresso in 45 kg batches up to a final temperature of 214 °C in about 13:30 minutes.

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Specialty coffee from Laos – a rarity

In recent years, a real Jhai fan community has developed. We are all the more pleased that we are now bringing back our alltime favourite robusta espresso.

This is one of the very few specialty Robusta or „fine Robusta“ to be found in Laos.

Under the name of „Jing Jhai Coffee Cooperative“ (JJCC), this cooperative in the Bolaven Plateau was formed to produce and export coffee together. The special thing about JJCC is that for a few years now they have been working hard to improve the quality of their coffee. With the support of coffee experts and an NGO, the cooperative has managed to bring its quality well above the normal Lao coffee quality. Our former employees Adrian and Isi themselves spent several months on site in 2015 to support the Jhai cooperative in its great goal of bringing coffee quality up to the level of speciality coffees.

The coffee is grown in forest gardens on Canephora plants (colloquially called Robusta), which are more than 60 years old and some of them are 5 meters high and therefore have to be picked exclusively by hand on a ladder. After picking, the coffee cherries are placed in water to sort out the „floaters“ as unripe cherries. The cherries are then de-stemmed and the slippery layer of sugar (the mucilage) is left on the beans to dry, allowing the sweetness of the pulp to soak into the beans and giving the coffee a much more sweet taste.

The amount of Robusta that JJCC produces is comparatively small, so this year we can only include this coffee in our portfolio to a limited extent. So, grab it while the Jhai is there!

The Jing Jhai Cooperative

  • Origin: Jing Jhai
  • Slope: Bolaven Plateau, Laos
  • Geo coordinates: 15°06’23.4 „N, 106°11’45.2 „E
  • Altitude: 1.200 m
  • Coffee farmers: 298 farmers from 18 villages united in a cooperative
  • Processing: honey processed
  • Plant: Coffea Canephora (Robusta)
Herkunftsort des Jhai Espressos

More about the differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee

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73 customer reviews

Unter'm Strich der am gutesten…

Unter'm Strich der am gutesten schmeckende Kaffee / Espresso von CC - hier mit der Mokkakanne aufgebrüht - abgesehen von einmaligen Editionen, die zwischendurch bei CC angeboten werden. Reiner Robusta, geht also auch ohne Arabica!

Customer15 March 2023

Bester Kaffee seit Da Bastilla!!

Liebes Coffee-Circle Team Bitte Bitte Bitte nimmt diesen Kaffee in euer Standard Sortiment auf. Er ist perfekt! Die Balance ist einfach ausgezeichnet! Der letzte Kaffee der uns so beeindruckt hat, war der Da Bastilla der leider auch nur eine limitierte Edition war und rausgenommen wurde. MfG Eure treuen Kunden

Björn23 January 2023

Mein Lieblingsespresso.

Customer25 November 2022

Frische Ware und schneller Versand

Customer31 July 2022

Eine gute Koffeinbombe

Der Jhai bildet eine Wahnsinns Crema und schmeckt Robustatypisch, meinem Geschmack nach etwas flach. Etwas schade finde ich, dass die Röstung relativ dunkel ist. Eine feine Säure würde dem Jhai gut tun. Ich fühlte mich beim ersten Trinken direkt an einen süditalienischen Espresso erinnert. Ein einfacher Espresso reicht mir als Portion, da der Koffeingehalt einfach sehr hoch ist. Wer süditalienischen Espresso mag ist beim Jhai goldrichtig. Robusta ist außerdem sehr tolerant was die Zubereitung angeht.

Fred19 June 2022


Einer meiner Lieblings Espresso aus einem meiner liebsten Reiseländer. Kaffee aus Laos gibt es sonst ganz selten. Leider sehr teuer und so ganz kann ich den Preis nicht mehr nachvollziehen.

Bertram Zehetbauer2 April 2022

guter Espresso. Sehr frische Bohnen.

guter Espresso. Sehr frische Bohnen. nicht so mein Geschmack...

Dino C.10 April 2021

Bestens wie immer. Gerne wieder

Kunde22 March 2021

Bestens wie immer.

Bestens wie immer. Gerne wieder

Richard L.22 March 2021

Ungewohnter, aber feiner Geschmack!

Kunde3 March 2021

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