Tiga Terra Coffee & Espresso

Tiga Terra is what we believe, the best suited coffee for fully automated machines. Its strong and complex flavor notes go well with every drink from café crème, espresso to milk drinks. Over many months, we have worked together with customers to refine the recipe for this unique coffee. This coffee blend consits of highest quality beans from Brazil, Indonesia and Guinea.

TasteChocolate, walnut
OriginBrazil, Guinea, Indonesia
Sort40 % Robusta, 60 % Arabica

€47.60/kg incl. VAT

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Complex flavor with very little acidity


For Tiga Terra, we combine three coffees full of character that complement each other ideally: chocolatey, nutty notes from Brazil, a full, creamy body from Guinea with spicy aromas from Indonesia. The coffees are roasted vigorously and are particularly low in acidity.

Preparation tips

Our roasters have developed the Tiga Terra especially for preparation in fully automatic coffee machines. Thanks to a strong roasting profile, the coffee is suitable for all beverage preparations of café crème, espresso and for milk drinks. The coffee tastes strong and creamy, but never bitter or sour. Tiga Terra can also be used well in the espresso machine.

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Fresh roasting in Berlin

We roast the Tiga Terra in a gentle drum roasting process in Berlin, exactly up to the point where the complex aromas of the green coffees develop optimally. The Tiga Terra is roasted vigorously until it reaches the point of the so-called „second crack“, so that the surface of the beans begins to oil only minimally. It is roasted in 60 kg batches to a final temperature of 220 °C in about 15:30 minutes.

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Die frisch gerösteten Kaffeebohnen
Helen genießt den Jhai

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Blend from Brazil, Indonesia and Guinea

Tiga Terra is made up of three very different green coffees, each of which brings its own wonderful character. The basis is a coffee from Brazil from the Daterra farm, which we visited in November 2018 and from which we have been sourcing coffee regularly ever since. The coffee provides a particularly low acid base for the coffee blend with pleasant aromas of nut and chocolate. The beans from Indonesia also give the Tiga Terra a complex spiciness. The coffee is rounded off with Fine Robusta from Guinea, from our friends at Macenta Beans. The 40% Robusta content adds a full and creamy body and provides the slightly tart note of dark chocolate. All coffees come from direct trade relationships.

Brazil: Daterra

  • Origin: Farm Daterra, Cerrado, Brasilien
  • Geo coordinates: -18° 44′ 57.59″, -46° 59′ 32.34″
  • Altitude: 1.200 m
  • Coffee farmer: Pascoal family.
  • Processing: natural processed
  • Plant: Catuai, Mundo Novo, Bourbon

Indonesia: Atu Lintang

15 %
  • Slope: Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Height: 1.350 m
  • Processing: wet hulled
  • Plant: Tin, Tin
  • Geo-coordinates: 4°25’51.0″N 96°46’25.0″E

Guinea: Macenta Beans

  • Slope: Sengbendou, Guinea
  • Height: 700 m
  • Farm: Farmers in Macenta
  • Processing: washed processed
  • Plante: Coffea Canephora (Robusta)
  • Geo-coordinates: 0°01’13.5″N 31°24’52.7″E

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162 customer reviews

beste Mischung

beste Mischung

Customer7 January 2024

Die Lieferung ging fix.

Die Lieferung ging fix. Kaffee 😋 lecker wie immer.

Customer6 November 2023

Von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung…

Von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung alles gut. Der Kaffe ist mega!!

Customer6 November 2023

Schmeckt gut

Customer3 November 2023


Hallo Zusammen , kaufe regelmäßig den Kaffee bei Euch . Früher kam es auch mal ein Rabatt Angebot für kaufende ,treue Kunden und dies ist leider auch vorbei . Mir persönlich ist euer Kaffee mittlerweile zu teuer . Beste Grüße Thomas

Customer26 October 2023

Kaffee ist lecker

Kaffee ist lecker, wie immer. Bis zum nächsten Mal.

Customer21 October 2023

Lecker wie immer

Lecker wie immer

Customer29 September 2023

Ich bin mit dem Produckt sehr…

Ich bin mit dem Produckt sehr zufrieden. Genau mein Geschmack

Customer1 August 2023

Super Qualität und toller geschm

Super Qualität und toller Geschmack

Customer11 July 2023

immer super Service

immer super Service, Danke jederzeit gerne wieder

Customer12 June 2023

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