Espresso Grano Gayo

Grano Gayo is our Italian roast. Dark, strong and balanced. It combines four select countries of origin to create a classic espresso with character and rich crema.

  • Dark roasted espresso with low acidity
  • Intense flavour, aromas of brown sugar
  • 100% Arabica blend from Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and Peru
  • Certified organic by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-001
TasteBrown Sugar, Roasting Aromas
OriginColumbia, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru
Sort100 % Arabica, Blend
Bio-Siegel der Europäischen UnionCertified organic by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-001

€43.60/kg incl. VAT

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Kaffeemoment Grano Gayo

Grano Gayo Espresso reminds you of your last vacation in Italy


Grano Gayo is our interpretation of an Italian espresso. The balanced blend of four countries of origin will delight those who like to drink their espresso with milk and sugar. The taste reminds of aromas of brown sugar and nuts. At the same time the Grano Gayo is very low in acidity.

Preparation tips

Grano Gayo Espresso is suitable for preparation in the sieve carrier machine, in a fully automatic machine and in the stove pot-

For offices

Grano Gayo is one of the favorites of our corporate customers, because it is perfectly suited for preparation in fully automatic machines. Find out more here

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Italian roast from Berlin

The Grano Gayo is our darkest espresso, which we have developed at the request of many customers. We roast the Grano Gayo in the traditional drum roasting process longer and darker than all our other coffees, until just before the point where the coffee oils come to the surface, just as one is used to from a characteristic Italian espresso. Not only does this make the espresso taste particularly aromatic and low in acidity, but the crema also turns out very thick and rich.

Genaue Arbeit sehr wichtig
Espressomühle Eureka Classic Grano Gayo

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The Berilo Cooperative

  • Slope: Chiapas, Mexico
  • Geo coordinates: 15°22’00.7 „N 92°18’05.5 „W
  • Height: 1.250 m
  • Plant: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing: washed

The Yanesha Cooperative

  • Slope: Huánuco, Peru
  • Geo-coordinates: n.a.
  • Height: 1.300 m
  • Plant: Catimor, Caturra, Catuai
  • Processing: washed

The Coocafe Cooperative

  • Slope: Sierra Nevada, Colombia
  • Geo coordinates: 10°54’19.2 „N 74°02’49.3 „E
  • Height: 1.000 to 1.500 m
  • Plant: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Típica (Arabica)
  • Processing: washed

The Koptan Gayo Megah Berseri Cooperative

  • Slope: Takengon, Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Geo coordinates: 4°16’05.3 „N 96°50’00.7 „E
  • Height: 1.500 m
  • Plant: Ateng, Tim-Tim, S-Lini
  • Processing: pulped natural
Herkunft Grano Gayo

Mexico: Chiapas

We have been searching for the perfect recipe for our new Espresso Blend for a long time. The blend of four coffee varieties from Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and Peru convinced us completely! The coffee from Mexico comes from the Chiapas region near the Guatemala border. There, the Arabica coffee is organically grown on the small farm El Chorro in the highlands at about 1,000 m above sea level and processed with the „washed“ method. We were convinced by the wonderful spiciness of the coffee, which gives the espresso blend an exciting note.

Peru: Yanesha

The last piece of the puzzle of the Grano Gayo also comes from Central America, more precisely from Peru. At an altitude of 1,300 meters, the coffee is grown by small farmers in forest gardens at the Yanesha cooperative and processed as washed coffee. The Arabica from Peru convinced us with its fine sweetness and fruity notes, which in combination with the characteristics of the other coffees in the espresso blend leave a chocolaty aftertaste on the tongue.

Kolumbia: Sierra Nevada

The main ingredient of this Italian-style espresso blend comes from Colombia, from our partner cooperative Coocafe. 67 farmers work together to produce this great coffee, which has a very nutty and caramel flavor due to the microclimate and soil in the Sierra Nevada. The entire cooperative grows the coffee exclusively organically and bears the official EU organic seal.

Indonesia: Takengon

Another important and name-giving component of our blend is a coffee from Indonesia. The Koptan Gayo Megah Berseri cooperative is one of the best cooperatives in Indonesia and is known for producing a coffee with very earthy, slightly peaty aromas. The small farmers grow their coffee at about 1.500m in the Gayo highlands in the province of Aceh on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. After picking, the coffee cherries are processed using the „pulped natural“ method, which gives the coffee its special aroma. Currently, the cooperative has 1,327 small farmers in 17 small villages. The entire cooperative is organically certified, so all farmers grow their coffee without pesticides.

Unterwegs in Sierra Nevada

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351 customer reviews

Ein hervorragender Kaffee

Ein hervorragender Kaffee, die Lieferung wie immer super schnell, das ganze auch noch nachhaltig und der Kaffee in Bio Qualität- top!!

Customer19 December 2023

Sehr lecker

Customer4 December 2023

Mein liebster Kaffee

Genau der Kaffee, den ich mag!

Customer28 November 2023

Grano Gayo

Immer noch der beste Espresso!!! Alles stimmig.

Customer26 November 2023


Wiederholungsbestellung. Sehr zufrieden

Customer13 November 2023

Sehr sehr schmackhaft

Customer19 October 2023

Sehr guter Kaffee mit tollem Geschmack

Sehr guter Kaffee mit tollem Geschmack. Qualität ist super und Preis-Leistung ist stimmig

Customer10 October 2023

Alles in Ordnung

Alles in Ordnung, Wiederholung

Customer1 September 2023

Sehr guter und intensiver Gesch

Sehr guter und intensiver Geschmack

Customer7 August 2023


Super, einfach der beste Espresso Kaffee 🤩

Customer4 August 2023

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