Espresso Decaf

Our Decaf is the first decaffeinated espresso that really excites us. Its sweet, full-bodied taste is unique.

  • Decaffeinated espresso from Colombia
  • Well-balanced flavour reminiscent of chocolate biscuits and cinnamon
  • 100% pure Arabica beans, picked by hand
TasteChocolate Cookies, Cinnamon
Sort100 % Arabica, Single Origin

€43.60/kg incl. VAT

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The only thing that knocks you out is the taste


This is our first decaffeinated espresso. For a long time we decided against decaffeinated coffee or espresso in our assortment, because we have never been convinced of its taste. Until the moment we tried the Decaf from the Unichaparral cooperative in Tolima, Colombia. The Decaf Espresso is a full-bodied, very sweet and round espresso.

Preparation tips

The Decaf Espresso is very well suited for preparation in the espresso machine, in fully automatic machines and in the moka pot. It is best to grind the espresso freshly at home to get the optimum of aromas.

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Freshly roasted in Berlin

Decaf Espresso is roasted in a gentle drum roasting process in 35 kg batches for approximately 11:00 minutes at a final temperature of 215 °C. The rather pale roast preserves the wonderful aroma of the espresso. We always roast fresh, you can read the exact day on the packaging.

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The Unichaparral Cooperative

  • Slope: Unichaparral, Tolima, Colombia
  • Geo coordinates: 3°39’04.6 „N, 75°34’28.0 „W
  • Altitude: 1.680 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 238
  • Processing: washed
  • Plant: Colombia, Castillo

Cultivation in small farming structures

The Unichaparral Cooperative is located in Tolima, Colombia. Here the coffee is grown by 238 small farmers at almost 1,700 meters. The smallholders strive to produce the best possible coffee quality and attach great importance to picking the red coffee cherries and careful processing, which then takes place with the cherries. This results in a high degree of sweetness and balance in the coffee. The complex aroma is reminiscent of notes of chocolate cookie, cinnamon and dried fruit.

How is coffee decaffeinated?

The coffee was decaffeinated using ethyl acetate. It is a „natural“ solvent obtained from cane sugar, which is used to extract over 97% of the caffeine content. The residue of ethyl acetate is less than 30 ppm and the coffee is therefore free of foreign odors and flavors. Only the beautiful sweetish, slightly fruity notes of the balanced coffee remain.

A personal business relationship with the coffee farmers at eye level is crucial for us

Our coffees come from direct trade relations. This means for us that we communicate regularly with our partner producers and visit them annually. Direct communication is essential in order to establish a mutual trusting relationship, to motivate to improve coffee quality and to really understand the local living conditions.

Unsere Projekte in Äthiopien

With every cup of coffee you support projects in Ethiopia

85 customer reviews

Bestens Decaf Espresso

Bestens Decaf Espresso, Geschmack ist fantastisch

Customer3 November 2023

Für einen entkoffeinierten Espresso…

Für einen entkoffeinierten Espresso schmeckt er einfach gut. Ich verwende ihn als Café Crema, Cappuccino und als Espresso.

Customer22 August 2023

Not the same

This time, the coffee did not taste as good and did not smell as good as the product I ordered previously.

Customer27 July 2023

Ein entkoffeinierter Espresso

Ein entkoffeinierter Espresso, der richtig gut schmeckt. Wirklich empfehlenswert.

Customer16 June 2023

der beste entkoffeinierte Kaffee den…

der beste entkoffeinierte Kaffee den ich kenne

Kunde25 August 2022

Finger Weg

Extrem sauer, egal bei welcher einstellung, hab 10 Jahre Erfahrung mit Espressomaschinen, er rinnt auch schon so dünn aus dem Puck raus, weis nicht ob das vom Entkoffinieren kommt aber dieser Kaffee ist ein Frechheit, das dies bei coffe circle niemanden auffällt....

Johnny18 July 2022

Ich trinke den Espresso ohne Coffein…

Ich trinke den Espresso ohne Coffein gerne am späten Nachmittag oder Abend.

Customer2 July 2022


Ich habe mich trotz der durchwachsenen Bewertungen entschieden, den Decaf mal auszuprobieren, um auch später am Tag noch einen Espresso genießen zu können. Die Bohnen selber waren sehr dunkel geröstet, was mich verwunderte, da diese als "eher helle Röstung" beschrieben werden. Um eine ausreichend lange Zeit hinzubekommen, muss der Kaffee extrem fein gemahlen werden. So fein, dass die Eureka Mignon an ihre Grenzen kommt. Trotzdem endet der Kaffe quasi ohne Crema in der Tasse. Beim Geschmack überwiegt eine unangenehme Säure, egal ob das Brühverhältnis 1:2 oder 1:3 beträgt.

Felix11 May 2022

beste coffeinfreie Espressobohnen aller…

beste coffeinfreie Espressobohnen aller Zeiten

Customer18 March 2022

So good that I'll drink it just for the…

So good that I'll drink it just for the taste.

Customer17 March 2022

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