Our Decaf is the first decaffeinated coffee that really excites us. Its sweet, nuanced taste is unique.

  • Decaffeinated coffee from Tolima, Colombia
  • Balanced flavour with notes of fig and cinnamon
  • 100% pure Arabica beans, picked by hand
TasteCinnamon, Dried Figs
Sort100 % Arabica, Single Origin

€39.60/kg incl. VAT

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Chemex mit Decaf Kaffee

Unique taste that reminiscent of fig and cinnamon


This is our first decaffeinated filter coffee. For a long time we decided against a decaffeinated coffee in our coffee portfolio because we have never been convinced of its taste. Until the moment we tasted our Decaf from the Unichaparral Cooperative in Tolima, Colombia. Decaf filter coffee is a full-bodied, very sweet and nuanced coffee.

„This Decaf surprises me repeatedly. You can’t tell that it lacks caffeine and it can really compete with our best coffees“, Hannes Fendrich, Roasting master

Preparation tips

The special character of Decaf coffee is best expressed in filter coffee preparation methods. We recommend to use 200 ml of water for 12 g of coffee and to let the prepared coffee cool down briefly after preparation.

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Fresh roasting in Berlin

Decaf coffee is roasted in a gentle barrel roasting process in 35 kg batches for approximately 11:00 minutes at a final temperature of 205 °C. The rather light roast preserves the wonderful aroma of the coffee. We roast our coffees fresh every week. On every coffee package, you will find the exact roast date of your coffee.

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The Unichaparral Cooperative

  • Hillside location: Unichaparral, Tolima, Colombia
  • Geo coordinates: 3°39’04.6 „N, 75°34’28.0 „W
  • Altitude: 1.680 m
  • Number of coffee farmers in cooperative: 238
  • Processing: washed
  • Plant: Colombia, Castillo

Cultivation in small farming structures

The Unichaparral Cooperative is located in Tolima, Colombia. Here the coffee is grown by 238 small farmers at almost 1,700 meters. The smallholders strive to produce the best possible coffee quality and take care of choosing only the red ripe coffee cherries for processing. This results in a high level of sweetness and balance in the coffee. The complex aroma is reminiscent of notes of chocolate cookie, cinnamon and dried fruit. Mmh…

How do we get the caffeine out of the coffee?

The coffee was decaffeinated using ethyl acetate. It is a „natural“ solvent obtained from cane sugar, which is used to extract over 97 % of the caffeine content. The residue of ethyl acetate is less than 30 ppm and the coffee is therefore free of foreign odors and flavors. Only the beautiful sweetish, slightly fruity notes of the balanced coffee remain.

Eindrücke aus Kolumbien

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Kennenlernen der Menschen vor Ort

Coffee is not only your daily companion, but the source of life for many people

Good coffee begins in the cultivation. High quality would not be possible without our partners who grow our coffees in the countries of origin. We want to ensure this appreciation. To this end, we have defined criteria based on our experience, which we observe when purchasing our green coffees. Respect your coffee!

Unsere Projekte in Äthiopien

With every cup of coffee you support projects in Ethiopia

91 customer reviews

Sehr leckerer Decaf

Sehr leckerer Decaf! Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den bestellten Bohnen, dem Service und der Versandzeit. Es hat alles supergut geklappt.

Customer25 October 2023

Einfach gut!

Einfach gut!

Customer6 June 2023


Nachdem meine Stammrösterei leider den entkoffeinierten aus dem Sortiment genommen hat, war ich froh bei Coffee Circle noch einen leckeren entkoffeinierten zu finden.

Ris19 March 2023

Alles Gut Danke!!!


Customer14 March 2023

Sehr lecker

Sehr lecker, sanft

Customer13 January 2023

Auch ohne Koffein sehr lecker

Customer6 August 2022

Auch eines der noch etwas neueren…

Auch eines der noch etwas neueren Highlights

Customer20 July 2022

Diesen Kaffee verschenke ich an meine…

Diesen Kaffee verschenke ich an meine Mutter - ihr schmeckt er sehr gut.

Customer4 July 2022

Einfach super - Decaf

Einfach super, Kaffeegenuss top. Kaffeegeschmack ohne Koffein, gut zum Einschlafen.

Customer2 July 2022

der beste entkoffeinierte Kaffee den…

der beste entkoffeinierte Kaffee den ich kenne

Customer14 March 2022

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