Ice und Cold Brew

Coffee Circle Cold Brew

Cold Brew is the ideal summer refreshment and very easy to make yourself. With these two sets, you can start your cold brew adventure right away. The brewers are the clear test winners of our preparation test and with the Karibu coffee you get our favorite coffee for Cold Brew with it. From fruity-berry to chocolatey notes, this coffee has everything to offer.

What is Cold Brew?

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Hario Mizudashi & Karibu coffee set

  • Practical preparer from Hario and 350 g of Karibu coffee
  • Fine strainer for extra clear cold brew enjoyment
  • Only this summer at a special price incl. free shipping

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Brewjar & Karibu coffee set

  • Transport safe preparer and 350 g of Karibu coffee
  • Classic Quattro Stagioni glass with stainless steel filter
  • Only this summer at a special price incl. free shipping

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Prepare Cold Brew yourself easily

  1. Coarsely grind 100 g of coffee and put it into a coffee maker with 1 l of water.
  2. Let the coffee steep in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
  3. Filter the cold extracted coffee.
  4. Enjoy the finished cold brew pure or spice it up with fruit juices.

Recipes and tips for Cold Brew

These preparers can do even more

With the Dripster², you can decide each time whether you want to prepare Cold Drip Coffee or Cold Brew. Both preparation methods deliver a balanced cold brew.

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You value plastic-free products? The slim glass carafe in minimalist design is suitable for cold brew or tea and is made entirely of glass and stainless steel.

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Cold Brew Maker under test

We tested the Mizudashi, the Brewjar, and 4 other cold brew makers.

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Try more coffees

We have prepared and tested our coffees as Cold Brew. Here are our favorites.

Rungeto Coffee 250 g whole beans
Rungeto Coffee
Currant, Rhubarb
Karibu Coffee 250 g whole beans
Karibu Coffee
Chocolate, Cinnamon
coffee of the month
Cerrado Coffee & Espresso 250 g whole beans
Cerrado Coffee & Espresso
Hazelnut, Sweet Fruits
Limu Coffee 250 g whole beans
Limu Coffee
Dark Chocolate, Grape
Roast Degree

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