Fellow Stagg X Pour Over Dripper & Paper Filters

The special combination of a narrow cone, a flat brewing bed and several small holes promises an exceptional brewing experience!

  • Vacuum-insulated housing keeps the temperature constant during the brewing process
  • Narrow cone increases coffee to water contact & enhances extraction
  • Dosing aid and drip cup included
  • Kalita Wave filter 185 paper filter included (100 filters)

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Recommended by roast master Hannes:

Limu Coffee! with tastes of Dark Chocolate and Grape.

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Kaffee Zubereitung mit dem Fellow Stagg X Pour Over Dripper.

Dripper with dosing aid and drip cup

A brewing experience like no other

Does the world really need yet another filter dripper? There was room for improvement with all previously existing ones – at least, that’s what the renowned company Fellow thought and developed the Stagg X Pour Over Dripper which promises a unique brewing experience. But what’s behind it?

The housing of stainless steel is insulated. While most drippers have only one wall, this one has two. There is a simple, practical reason behind it: During the brewing process, the temperature is evenly high. The ground coffee doesn’t cool as quickly as in other drippers. This has an effect on the taste: If the temperature sinks rapidly within a short period of time, the finished coffee can contain subtle, bitter notes that are not evident when you brew coffee with the Stagg X.

Kaffee Zubereitung mit dem Fellow Stagg X Pour Over Dripper.
Kaffee Zubereitung mit dem Fellow Stagg X Pour Over Dripper.

Narrow cone

The cone is narrower and has steeper walls than similar products. Since the coffee-to-water contact is increased, the extraction is enhanced. No drop of water bypasses the ground coffee as is the case with other products to prepare filter coffee. Instead, water flows through the coffee evenly. That means you don’t have to worry about tasting watery coffee when using the Stagg X.

The flavour is full-bodied, rich, and slightly sweet – exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Clogging impossible

On the bottom side of the cone are holes and bumps. There is no aesthetic reason behind it: They prevent the filter from collapsing which would lead to clogging.

Coffee lovers know the problem: If the filter collapses during the brewing process, the water can only flow through a tiny surface area. Only if you lift the filter, the water can flow as it is supposed to. With the Stagg X you don’t have to worry about this nuisance anymore.

Kaffee Zubereitung mit dem Fellow Stagg X Pour Over Dripper.

In this video, Andy takes an in-depth look at the Fellow Stagg [X] Dripper in an extensive test

Technical details at a glance

  • Name: Stagg X Pour Over Dripper
  • Manufacturer: Fellow
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Colour: black, matte

Scope of delivery

  • 1 dripper
  • 1 dosing aid with dripping container
  • Manual

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