Chemex Glass Mug - hand-blown

By Chemex for Chemex connoisseurs and lovers - the hand-blown Chemex glass mug.

  • Created in the style of the legendary Chemex design: the Chemex Mug
  • Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass like the carafe
  • Generous capacity of 300 ml

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Delivery 1 to 3 days in 🇩🇪

Recommended by roast master Hannes:

Limu Coffee! with tastes of Dark Chocolate and Grape.

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4 customer reviews

Entspricht der Vorstellung

Kunde28 April 2020

Gute Qualität, formschön. Passt super zur Chemex

Daniel R.2 January 2017

Coole tassen

Lisa P.25 April 2016

trinke den Kaffee dann auch dieser ganz zarten dünnen Tasse

angela l.17 July 2014

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