Buna Dimaa Coffee

Buna Dimaa is our dark filter coffee roasting. The mixture of 50% Ethiopian and 50% Colombian highland Arabica beans results in a full-bodied and strong, yet low-acid filter coffee.

TasteCocoa, Roasted Nuts
OriginColumbia, Ethiopia, Peru
Sort100 % Arabica, Blend
Bio-Siegel der Europäischen UnionCertified organic by the inspection body DE-ÖKO-001

€35.60/kg incl. VAT

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Buna Dimaa Kaffeemoment

For fans of strong coffee with a shot of milk

100 % natural


Buna Dimaa is our answer to the desire of many customers for a dark roasted coffee that also brings strong flavors with a shot of milk. It is low in acidity and convinces with nuances of roasted nuts and cocoa – a result of the natural aroma of the coffee cherry.

Preparation tips

We recommend the Buna Dimaa for brewing coffee in fully automatic coffee machines, filter coffee machines or the French Press.

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Kaffeemoment Couch

Fresh and gentle roasting in Berlin

Roasting profiles have a specific designation. It describes the color of the roasted bean. The bean appearance of Buna Dimaa is between a so-called Viennese roast and a French roast. This means that the coffee is darker roasted. The distinct roasting aromas that are created in this way produce a strong taste. Our roasting masters roast the Buna Dimaa for about 18 minutes at 225 °C.

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Röstung in der Trommel
Kaffeemoment Lachen ohne Lampe

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100% natural cultivation

Buna Dimaa is an Arabica blend from two origins, where we buy locally: The Buma Dimaa consists of 50 % Limu coffee from the Ethiopian cooperative Coche Guda. The cooperative has 250 coffee farmer families and is located at 1,725 m above sea level. The coffee is naturally grown in forest gardens and carefully processed by the small farmers.

The other 50 % of the blend comes from. Colombia, from the highlands in the Tolima region. This is the location of the cooperative ASOPEP, which we visited personally and from which we have been buying coffee since 2016 and have been building a long-term trade relationship. ASOPEP consists of 94 farmers who jointly sell their coffee through the cooperative. The coffee tastes nutty, caramel-like and has little acidity.

The cooperative ASOPEP

  • Slope: ASOPEP, Tolima, Colombia
  • Geo coordinates: 3°08’59.3 „N, 75°39’20.9 „W
  • Altitude: 1.700 m
  • Coffee farmer: 162
  • Plant: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Típica (Arabica)
  • Processing: washed
  • Harvest time: October – February

The cooperative Coche Guda

  • Slope: Coche Guda, Limu Region, Ethiopia
  • Geo coordinates: 7°52’11.7 „N 36°47’25.7 „E
  • Altitude: 1.725 m
  • Coffee farmers: 250
  • Plant: Ethiopia heirloom Arabica
  • Processing: washed
  • Harvest time: October – February
Herkunft Buna Dimaa
Äthiopien 2014: Die Bedeutung von Kaffee

Direct trade – on site and at eye level

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Der Hawaso Wasser Kiosk

Clean drinking water for 37,100 people in Ethiopia

With each cup of coffee you support our drinking water projects in the coffee regions.

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1123 customer reviews

Immer wieder sehr gut!

Customer4 January 2024


Unser Lieblingskaffee von Anfang an. Es kommt kein anderer mehr in den Folter!

Customer17 December 2023

Der Kaffee schmeckt wunderbar.

Der Kaffee schmeckt wunderbar.

Customer9 December 2023

Die neue Verpackung ist nicht gut im…

Die neue Verpackung ist nicht gut im Vergleich zur vorherigen. Dass es umweltverträglich verpackt werden soll, ist gut, aber nicht mit diesem Material. Bin mir sicher, dass es bessere Alternativen gibt. Ändert nichts am Inhalt, nach wie vor gut.

Customer7 December 2023

Sehr guter Kaffee....geschmacklich…

Sehr guter Kaffee....geschmacklich unserer Favorit. Vollmundig aber geringe säure

Customer4 December 2023

Dieser Kaffe ist die leckerste…

Dieser Kaffe ist die leckerste Zusammensetzung zwischen Kaffee und Kakaonote !!!!!

Customer11 November 2023

super runder kräftiger geschmack

Customer30 October 2023

Der ausgewogene Geschmack!

Customer26 October 2023

schmeckt deutlich schlechter als bei…

schmeckt deutlich schlechter als bei früheren Bestellungen. Sehr enttäuscht

Customer24 October 2023

Sehr sehr schmackhaft

Customer19 October 2023

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