Coffee Capsules Set - Lungo & Espresso

Our Cerrado & Yirga Santos capsules in a set! The capsules are made from 100% naturally renewable raw materials and fit in any Nespresso® compatible machine. We especially like to prepare Yirga Santos as a lungo, and Cerrado preferably as an espresso!

  • Cerrado: 100% Arabica, Single Origin: Brazil, reminiscent of hazelnut & sweet fruit taste.
  • Yirga Santos: 75 % Arabica, 25 % Robusta, Blend: Brazil, India & Ethiopia, tastes like brown sugar & chocolate
  • 10 capsules per pack
  • 3 (resp. 6) packs per variety
€39.00 €41.40

€0.13/g incl. VAT

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