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You can now enjoy our strong Yirga Santos from your capsule machine! The capsules are made from 100% naturally renewable raw materials and fit in any Nespresso®-compatible machine. The Yirga Santos tastes especially good prepared as a lungo.

Every pack contains 10 capsules


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Fast, sustainable & top quality: our espresso & lungo capsule

A balancing act between manual work and freshness: The usual Coffee Circle quality is now available in a sustainable capsule for your Nespresso®-compatible machine. With this, we ensure lots of coffee aromas and a beautiful crema in the cup. The Espresso & Lungo capsule is home compostable and consists of 100 percent natural materials.


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Yirga Santos

Full-bodied chocolate taste

Yirga Santos Espresso is an optimal blend of fine Limu beans, high quality beans from Brazil and premium Robusta beans from India. The blend consists of 75 % Arabica and 25 % Robusta beans. The espresso provides a full-bodied chocolate and nutty flavor – a result of the natural aroma diversity of the coffee cherry.

Yirga Santos as whole bean or ground ›

Verpackung Classic Yirga Santos

In the mood for discovering something new?

Try our capsule set with Yirga Santos and Cerrado coffee. Perfect for a quick espresso or lungo in the morning with just one push of a button.
Coffee Capsules Set

Sustainable coffee capsule

In our search for an environmentally friendly espresso or lungo capsule, we tested various solutions under the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our goal was to enrich the market with an uncompromisingly sustainable capsule, and thus also to be able to inspire people with our diverse specialty coffees who could not find a suitable solution for their capsule machine in our product portfolio until now.
It is important to us that the usual Coffee Circle quality is maintained, that the coffee is protected from loss of aroma and that it produces as little waste as possible.

That’s what we found in Capsul’in Zero Impact: a compostable coffee capsule made from 100 percent natural materials and even suitable for home composting. The material used for the organic capsules and lids, made of bio-based cellulose and vegetable oils, completely degrades in just 26 weeks. And the whole thing is also certified by TÜV Austria. This allows us to guarantee sustainability and quality, and each capsule produces the perfect espresso at the touch of a button.

The capsule with 100% impact

With every capsule you not only enjoy good coffee, but you also help us improve the lives of coffee farmers and their families. Because with 1 € per kilogram of coffee you support projects in the coffee countries. Learn more about the current projects

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