Harbegona washed coffee

Harbegona washed is a washed processed coffee from Ethiopia, which inspires us with its very floral and at the same time very transparent taste. The coffee is reminiscent of ripe fruit and impresses with a wonderful interplay of a flowery-sweet character and a tingling acidity.

TasteJasmin, Orange
Sort100 % Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin

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Harbegona natural & washed
Harbegona natural & washedCoffee Circle
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Fruity and floral flavours

Harbegona washed is a floral-sweet and at the same time fruity coffee that impresses with complex and transparent aromas. The fruity notes are reminiscent of ripe fruits such as orange or peach. The coffee is underpinned by a very elegant floral character, reminiscent of jasmine or Earl Grey tea. The Harbegona washed coffee is medium roasted, so it tastes very balanced and clear.


Preparation tips

Harbegona washed coffee is suitable for all types of filter coffee. We recommend the coffee for preparation with the hand filter, the Chemex or the classic filter coffee machine, such as the Moccamaster.

Here you can find our preparation tips ›

Medium roast

We roast the Harbegona natural fresh every week in a particularly gentle process in our roastery in Berlin. Our roasting masters pay close attention to the moment when the sweetness and aroma of the coffee unfold optimally. The roasting profile is individually composed by our roast masters depending on the characteristics of the coffees.

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Harbegona is a community in the Sidamo Zone in the south of Ethiopia. The region has been one of our insider tips for excellent Ethiopian coffees for a few years now. We have been working with farmers from the region for many years and are thrilled by their coffee quality every year.

The washing station in Harbegona is situated at an altitude of 2,200 m.a.s.l., so the cherries ripen late during harvest time. This makes the cherries very sweet and provides optimal conditions for an exceptional coffee.

The farm in Harbegona belongs to our friend Heleanna and her team Moplaco. The team attaches great importance to the careful processing of the cherries. After picking, the ripe red coffee cherries are separated from unripe cherries by so-called floating in a water bath and then mechanically „sculptured“, i.e. the beans are extracted from the cherry. They are then stored in a water tank for about 24 hours, during which time the remaining pulp ferments off the bean. Afterwards, the beans are placed on raised drying beds and dried in the sun for about 12-14 days. These washed processed coffees are ideal for fans of filter coffees with mild fruit aromas and a very transparent taste.

This coffee is thus prepared by removing the bean from the cherry. This year we also bought a lot from the same washing station in Harbegona, which was processed „naturally“. This means that the cherries, including the pulp, were placed on the drying beds directly after picking. This makes the „Harbegona natural“ (-> link) taste more fruity and intense, but a little less clear. So you have the perfect chance to taste the coffee from one and the same processing station in both preparation methods.

Ethiopia: Harbegona natural

  • Origin: Harbegona Washing Station, Sidamo Zone, Äthiopien
  • Geo-Coordinates: 6°34’37.5″N, 38°47’43.2″E
  • Altitude: 2.200 m
  • Coffeefarmer: Heleanna und Team Moplaco
  • Processing: natural
  • Plant: Ethiopian local landraces, Arabica

The optimal conditions for the coffee ensure an incomparably flowery and fruity taste.

4 customer reviews


Ich trinke diese Sorte täglich ist mild für mich zu hell geröstet sonst gut.

Customer2 September 2023


Customer12 December 2022

Keinen Unterschied gefunden

Bei dem Angebot, washed und natural miteinander zu vergleichen, musste ich als Kaffeefan zugreifen! Super Idee, gerne wieder mit einer anderen Bohne. Ich habe allerdings keinen Unterschied in der Tasse feststellen können! Da ich doppeltes V60-Filter-Equipment habe, habe ich nebeneinander temperaturgleich brühen und abwechselnd schlürfen können. Einmal dachte ich sogar, ich hätte mich in einer Tüte vertan, so dass ein Versuch als quasi Blindversuch zählen kann. Die Röstung ist für eine mittelkräftige sehr schön geworden, daher soll das hier keine Kritik sein, sondern nur der Bericht einer Überraschung. Beim nächsten Vergleich bin ich auf jeden Fall wieder dabei!

Heiko3 December 2022

super kombi

Ich habe beide Versionen gekauft. Der Washed schmeckt meiner Frau besser und mir der Natural. Beide Kaffees sind richtig gute Frühstückskaffees. Das man hier den Einfluss des Nachernteprozesses so schön vergleichen kann ist eine super Idee. Das hätte ich gerne noch mal mit einer (zwei) Espressoröstung.

sebastian25 November 2022

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