St. Anthony The New Levy Tamper

Handcrafted premium tamper with adjustable depth and a diameter of 58.5 mm.

  • High quality craftsmanship in walnut wood and stainless steel
  • Three-piece tamper with adjustable depth, which rests on the edge to facilitate even tamping
  • Flat underside with a diameter of 58.5 mm
€139.00 €159.00

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Recommended by roast master Hannes:

Espresso Sidamo! with tastes of Caramel and Dark Berries.

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1 customer reviews

Premium-Tamper – Check!

Genialter Tamper, genau das Design und die Qualität die ich gesucht hab. Rundet ein kleines privates Espresso heaven in jedem Fall perfekt ab! Klare Empfehlung!

Martin Uelzinger3 December 2018

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