Chemex Coffee Carafe & coffee set

The original Chemex coffee carafe for up to 6 cups, papr filters and a coffee of your choice.

  • Unique coffee maker for wonderfully aromatic, clear filter coffee
  • Hardly any sediment or bitter elements, thanks to specially designed Chemex paper filters
  • Brewing and serving vessel in one
€63.90 €65.70

incl. VAT

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Recommended by roast master Hannes:

Limu Coffee! with tastes of Dark Chocolate and Grape.

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3 customer reviews

Alles klappt immer wunderbar

Alles klappt immer wunderbar! Die digitale Kommunikation ist super!!!

Customer22 July 2023

Chemex ist Kult

Chemex ist Kult! Das ist Spitze!

Customer18 July 2022

Wunderbarer Kaffeegenuss

Kunde6 January 2021

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