EQ. Coffee Set

With Siemens, we have developed three coffees that are ideal for coffee preparation with the EQ. Fully Automatic Coffee Machine series.

  • EQ. ESPRESSO 60: 60 % Arabica, 40 % Robusta coffee from Brazil, Uganda, and Colombia.
  • EQ. ESPRESSO 75: 75% Arabica, 25% Robusta coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia
  • EQ. CAFE CREME 100: Arabica beans from Colombia and Indonesia
  • 250 g whole bean each

€30.48/kg incl. VAT

Delivery 1 to 3 days in 🇩🇪

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4 customer reviews


Kunde22 March 2021

Erste Sorte probiert, schmeckt lecker.

Kunde11 February 2021

Bestens Geschmacklich vorzüglich

Kunde28 January 2021

Sehr guter Kaffee, schnelle Lieferung.

Kunde12 January 2021

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