El Vergel Coffee

Our new Christmas coffee comes from Colombia. The filter coffee is named after the farm El Vergel, which we visited on our trip to Colombia in 2021. We are excited about the innovative work of the farm and are very happy to offer you this very balanced and spicy coffee!

TasteCaramel, Clove
Sort100 % Arabica, Limited Edition, Single Origin

€51.60/kg incl. VAT

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Aroma El Vergel Weihnachtskaffee


We are pleased to present you another coffee from the Colombian coffee farm El Vergel. It is a coffee that actually reminds us of a caramel candy in taste because the sweetness of this coffee is pronounced. In addition, it is reminiscent of spicy-Christmas notes such as clove. The El Vergel is roasted medium-bodied, so it is very balanced and ideal for brewing neat or with milk.


Preparation tips

The roast of El Vergel is adapted to all methods of preparation of filter coffee. We recommend it for preparation in the Pour Over method, such as with the Hario v60. Alternatively, the El Vergel also fits well with the Aeropress or the classic coffee maker.

Here you can find our preparation tips ›

Medium and fresh roast

We roast El Vergel fresh every week in our roastery in Berlin. In the process, our roast masters pay close attention to the moment at which the sweetness and aroma of the coffee unfold optimally. The roasting profile is individually composed by our roast masters depending on the nature of the coffee.

Bohnen nach der Röstung in der Rösterei


El Vergel comes from the farm of the same name located in the Regio Tolima, near the city of Fresno in Colombia. Our roast master Hannes had the opportunity to get to know the farm and the team of El Vergel in Colombia in June of this year. The two brothers Elias and Shady Bayter are crazy in a positive sense and very open to perform novel fermentation experiments. Previously, we had already had the „Pink Koji“ from the same producers as a limited edition coffee in our range. The coffee was quickly sold out and now we are happy to present you the farm coffee El Vergel itself. This comes from the most common variety on the farm, Caturra, and the coffee cherries are prepared in the „washed“ process. That is, after floating the cherries in a water bath, first the unripe cherries are separated. Then the cherries are depulped in a mechanical process, i.e. the beans are separated from the pulp. Then the remaining pulp („mucilage“) is separated from the bean by fermentation in the water tank. Finally, the beans are placed on elevated drying beds for uniform drying, where they are turned by hand at regular intervals. In some cases, the coffee is also mechanically dried at the end of the drying process using innovative methods.

Colombia: El Vergel

  • Origin: Finca El Vergel, Fresno, Tolima Department, Colombia
  • Geo-Coordinates: 5°07’34.2″N, 75°01’02.0″W
  • Altitude: 1.400 m
  • Coffee farmer: Elias & Shady Bayter
  • Processing: washed
  • Plant: Caturra Variety, Arabica

The positive crazy and very open nature of the farmers provides the caramel spicy flavor of this Christmas roast

3 customer reviews

Der beste Kaffee

Der beste Kaffee, den ich jemals hatte.

Customer9 May 2023

Sehr lecker und fein

Sehr lecker und fein. Sehr angenehme Note.

Customer18 April 2023

Ich mag diesen Kaffee und den sozialen…

Ich mag diesen Kaffee und den sozialen Aspekt. Sehr schneller Versand + Lieferung, Bezahlung nie ein Thema - egal wie.

Customer30 March 2023

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