Coffee Circle Advent Calendar

Wow, that was fast! We are happy that the advent calendar was so well received by you. These were all our advent calendars but you can find other great gift ideas on this page!

4 coffees for 4 Advent Sundays - Our roast master Hannes has selected four Christmas surprise varieties for us. Which coffees are hiding in the bags will be revealed on the respective Advent Sunday!

  • For preparation as filter coffee, espresso or in the fully automatic machine
  • Coffees for every taste: from strong and chocolaty to fruity and complex, from single origin to blend.
  • Ideal as a gift or to enjoy yourself
  • Packed in a Christmas gift box
  • 250 g of each coffee, whole beans
Shipping from November 21.

€39.00/kg incl. VAT

Delivery 1 to 3 days in 🇩🇪

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