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Construction progress and unexpected spirituality in the WaSH project


A contribution from Charlotte in the category #Projects from 28 July 2016

In Ethiopia, our motivated WaSH team is still busy implementing the large-scale water and sanitation project. The successes so far are not only pleasing to us, but also to the local population, who have spun their very own spiritual story around the Homecha spring that has been tapped…

Further construction measures at the water reservoirs

The Homecha spring is located in the Mana government zone directly between the villages of Doyo Tolie and Doyo Bikila. It will eventually supply 7,200 people in the region with clean drinking water. In April, we were able to report on the successful development of the spring and the first constructions of the water reservoirs. Only a few weeks later, we have now received new updates and pictures showing that the construction work is progressing in big steps. The 100 m³ water reservoir is close to completion: the stone walls have already been plastered and grouted – now only the protective top ceiling construction of the reservoir is missing. As the pictures show, the construction of the second, smaller water reservoir is progressing successfully at the same time.

Water pipelines for regulated drinking water supply

In order to provide the coffee farmers, their families and the other inhabitants of the area with clean drinking water in the long term, water kiosks are to be built where the water is distributed in a regulated manner. In order to transport the water from the source via the water reservoirs to these distribution points, water pipelines have to be laid over long distances. The necessary pipes have already been purchased and transported to the site, where they will be laid in the next step. In addition to the construction progress, further hygiene training was also carried out to help improve the sanitary situation in the long term.

Spiritual rumors make the rounds

We are not the only ones following the completion of the supply system with excitement and looking forward to the opening of the water kiosks. The locals are also excited about the development of the Homecha spring. So enthusiastic, in fact, that the WaSH team on site received an unexpected visit from nearly 700 Ethiopians from the surrounding area who wanted to get water from the spring early! It quickly became clear why the locals did not want to wait for the supply system to be completed: The opportunity to get „holy spring water“ – sacred spring water – had to be seized immediately. We do not know how the rumor that the water of Homecha spring could cure diseases made the rounds. However, it shows us that unexpected incidents in project implementation can be quite different in each country. The spread of spiritual stories would probably not occur in a similar project in Germany. We find it amazing what effect such a rumor can have and are glad that our local team is providing clarification. It is important that the spring is protected from contamination and that the water is finally distributed in an orderly manner via the water kiosks. This was successfully explained to the locals by the Mana district administration office. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a speedy continuation of the project! Look forward to an upcoming update on our WaSH project, which will benefit 18,900 people by the end of 2017!

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