#Coffee Knowledge


#Coffee Knowledge

1 March 2023

What is the difference between Americano and Café Crème?

In the cup they look almost the same, but what is behind them?


#Coffee Knowledge

1 March 2023

Decaf: Why it exists and how to prepare it

Who had the idea to decaffeinate coffee beans, and which methods can be used? We have decaffeinated coffees on offer also. Here, we explain more about it.


#Coffee Knowledge

5 August 2021

Tested: Sibarist Paper Filter

The new paper filters from Sibarist promise exceptional coffee for preparation in a hand filter. But do they deliver what they promise? We tested them for you.


#Coffee Knowledge

15 March 2021

What do we think about the organic label?

Our coffees are grown organically and without the use of chemicals or pesticides. But not every variety carries an organic label. In this article we explain why.


#Coffee Knowledge

18 February 2021

Bialetti: The espresso maker and its siblings

The octagonal cultural asset with the small, moustachioed man: Find out in this article which versions are available, which suits you and what he has to do with washing clothes.


#Coffee Knowledge

8 January 2021

7 tips for better coffee from the fully automatic machine

The fully automatic machine promises coffee with consistent quality and a fast result. The following 7 tips will help you make your coffee even better!


#Coffee Knowledge

8 January 2021

What is the difference between espresso, lungo and ristretto?

Lungo and ristretto are often a choice in cafés, and not just in Italy. What is the difference between the two and how do you prepare them?


#Coffee Knowledge

28 August 2020

Ascaso espresso machines explained

If you have discovered the Barcelona-based company Ascaso, you will have noticed that they are quite different from other manufacturers of portafilter espresso machines.


#Coffee Knowledge

17 August 2020

The top 10 coffee-growing countries

Which are the 10 largest coffee-growing countries in the world? Are more Robusta or Arabica beans exported?

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