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Impact of our social projects since 2011


Since our foundation in 2010, we’ve generated more than € 490,000 in donations together with you and all our customers, money we could invest in social projects in the growing regions of Ethiopia. But this is really just the beginning! On this page you can see what we’ve been able to achieve together with you and which projects we’ve already successfully implemented.

  • From 2011 to 2016 we sold more than 250,000 kg of coffee
  • € 1 per kilogram of coffee sold goes to our Value chain or drinking water projects in Ethiopia
  • Through the sale of coffee and additional donations, more than € 490,000 have already been generated
  • 100 % of the donations flow into the project implementation
  • Education, health and coffee projects have helped improve the lives of more than 36,000 people.


On 7.12.2010 our online shop for Ethiopian speciality coffees went online. Already in the first year we were able to generate € 9,062 in donations through coffee sales, which helped us get three projects off the ground in the Ilketunjo cooperative.

Construction of a Drinking Water Well

€ 1,000 donation volume

In February 2011 we were able to implement our first project together with the coffee farmers and villagers. Where there was previously no direct supply of drinking water, the construction of a well in the Ilketunjo cooperative now provides clean drinking water for around 2,000 people, which is also beneficial in helping to counteract many diseases.

Since the well is located near the primary school of the cooperative, the learning conditions for 1,200 pupils have also been positively impacted.


Furniture and Materials for School

€ 3,100 Donation Volume

At the end of 2011 we implemented our second project and equipped the primary school of the Ilketunjo cooperative with basic teaching materials and furniture. Working with teachers from the school, attended by around 1,200 students, we purchased textbooks and exercise books from local companies that correspond to the current curricula. Through a book-loan system, all students benefit from this improvement. We’ve also defined the exact requirements for tables and benches. All furniture was made by carpenters in the provincial capital Jimma. We’re thrilled with these improvements and the possibilities we’ve helped make possible for the children of the coffee farmers.

A year and a half after the project was implemented, we carried out an evaluation together with the non-governmental organisation TechnoServe. The school in Ilketunjo now offers classes up to the 8th grade (it was previously only to 5th grade). The school drop-out rate has fallen from an average of 6 children to 2 children. It’s been a tremendous success! It is nice to see how the teachers and parents identify with the school and drive its operation forward with commitment. The local government provides the teaching staff and has increased the number of teachers.

Hier kommen die Kaffeebohnen her

Construction of a Sports Field

€ 700 Donation Volume

October 2011 marked the opening of two new sports fields together with teachers and students of the Ilketunjo primary school. In a conversation half a year earlier, it was clear that most children wanted an opportunity to play sports.
While the majority of schoolgirls were in favour of volleyball, most boys preferred football. We were able to make both wishes come true by drawing on local resources. For us it was a sensible investment as team sports promote the mental and social development of children.

2011: Bau eines Schul-Volley- und Fußballplatzes (700 €)


In our 2nd business year we were able to implement one project, and initiated two further important projects. The total donation volume in 2012 was € 25,120.

Equipment for a Local Health Station

€ 1,150 Donation Volume

Together with a doctor and some nurses, we equipped the health station in Ilketunjo with basic instruments and medicines. We have received a commitment from the local government to ensure the provision and regular presence of medical personnel on site. In this way, the primary medical care of around 3,000 cooperative residents can be guaranteed.

2012: Ausstattung einer lokalen Gesundheitsstation (1.150 €)


The donation volume this year was € 46,451.

Solar Power System for Health Station

€ 25,000 Donation Volume

In 2013, together with the coffee farmers and villagers, the local government and our partner Solar Energy Foundation, we completed the construction of a solar power plant in the coffee cooperative Wokito Medalu. In the future, the local health centre, which is responsible for 10,000 people, will be able to supply itself with electricity independently, which will enable blood reserves, medicines, and vaccines to be cooled and nightly treatments (including births!) to be carried out.

2013: Solarstrom für eine Gesundheitsstation (25.000 €)

Organic Certification for Ilketunjo

€ 3,481 Donation Volume

In the summer of 2013, we were able to implement our organic certification project in Ilketunjo together with the state-approved inspection body BCS Öko-Garantie. The coffees of our partner cooperatives have always been organically grown and farmers are completely free from exposure to pesticides and herbicides. However, only official certification will enable small producers to benefit from higher sales revenues. The result is local economic development and an important incentive to maintain traditional forms of cultivation!

Unfortunately, our experience with assuming the initial costs for an organic certification was not optimal.

When we financed the initial certification of the Ilketunjo cooperative, unfortunately no other buyer purchased the green coffee as certified organic. Therefore, it became too risky for the cooperative to continue the certification and they chose not to do so since continuation would still cost an annual fee of around € 3,000. The desired positive long-term effect could therefore not be achieved. It was a learning experience for us and in the future we will concentrate on training and knowledge transfer in coffee cultivation.

Enjoy your coffee and do good


We were able to generate € 51,984 in donations through our customers‘ coffee purchases in 2014.

Satellite School - New Primary School in the Limu Region

€ 24,080 Donation Volume

With donated funds came the completion of the construction of a new primary school (‘Satellite School’) near the Ilketunjo cooperative. Together with the coffee farmers and villagers, local handicraft companies and the Ethiopian student initiative Action4Words, we built three classrooms and equipped them with furniture and teaching materials. Around 1,000 children can now receive appropriate education there. A competent local government has undertaken to provide teaching staff.

Project Update

Update from December 2017

In December 2017 we dropped in spontaneously to make a surprise visit in the middle of the English lessons. We are overjoyed that there are now 560 students in 8 classes taught by 11 teachers. There are so many students that they are taught in two shifts: one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Many students now have a much shorter way to school. Visiting the school is one of our absolute highlights of the trip and shows us that we can achieve a lot with our trading model. Many thanks to all who supported this project in 2013!

Organic Certification for Doyo and Alaga Sekala

€ 10,279 Donation volume

We finance an organic certification for the cooperatives Doyo and Alaga Sekala, which is carried out by the state-approved inspection body BCS Öko-Garantie. The coffees of our partner cooperatives have always been organically grown and farmers are completely free from exposure to pesticides and herbicides. However, only official certification will enable small producers to benefit from higher sales revenues. The result is local economic development and an important incentive to maintain traditional forms of cultivation!



School Extension for 1,086 children in Doyo

The plan was this: Together with the coffee farmers and villagers, local craft businesses and the local government, we would expand and furnish the existing primary school in the Doyo Cooperative, which is responsible for 1,086 children. Because of the deteriorating conditions of the school building, including the interior, it is hardly possible for the children of the coffee farmers to receive adequate instruction. Things, however, do not always go as planned, but being transparent means reporting problems or events that cause changes in the course of our plans. On our blog you can read why and in which form we have adapted the project implementation of the „Doyo School Extension“ to the current situation on site. Find out why we decided to shift the collected donations from this project to our large-scale WaSH project and to what extent the 1,086 Doyo students still benefit from it.

Start of the Clean Drinking Water Project

Our current drinking water project was also launched in 2015. With a donation volume of € 680,000, we will supply more than 18,900 people in the Ethiopian coffee regions with clean drinking water.

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